Hola, I’m Iris.  A total design geek!  I love to work at different scales and use different materials.  It is why I chose to pursue my Master of Architecture degree at The Rhode Island School of Design.  My intention for attending RISD was not only to accomplish my architectural degree, but also to have exposure to other design disciplines, including jewelry design, textiles and furniture.  As soon as I took my first jewelry course, I fell in love with it.  I loved making something that someone could wear - wearable art.      

A multi-disciplinary studio is the best way for me to describe estudio-iris.  It’s where we continue to practice working at different scales, using traditional and modern techniques.  This site primarily shows individually handmade jewelry and objects, but we also do work for the built environment.  We love to create beautiful spaces!   Our inspiration is drawn from different sources: nature, the human form, hardware and architecture to name a few.  

In the words of  Ludwig Mies van de Rohe, “Less is more”.  I am a strong believer of this in both my way of living (the less physical things I have, the better and just enjoying the simple life has to offer) and my way of designing.  I believe in creating pieces that are simple and bold, each having their own voice.  Simplicity to me also means being honest and creating things that are well made with good quality, in both their materials and details. It is why I am interested in making everyday wearable pieces that are sophisticated and timeless.  

There’s more to life than business.  So, if I’m not holding a torch or getting dirty with materials, you’ll find me spending time with my dog, practicing yoga, spending time with friends and family, cooking, enjoying a good cocktail, watching sunsets, going on a good hike, at the beach or mountains (I enjoy them both equally). 

If you want to see what I am up to, want to collaborate on a project together (any scale or project type), would like to carry my pieces in your store or gallery, or just simply want to say hello, you can send me a note at iris@estudio-iris.com .